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Mind to Heart: Episode 2: The Journey of the Magi

On January 6, Christians celebrate the Ephinany, which commemorates the revelation of the Baby Jesus to the world.  Intricately linked to this celebration, which is the final chapter of the…
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Mind to Heart: Episode 1: The Hero’s Journey

The hero and heroine journey has been a part of every culture going back thousands of years. They are a reflection of who we are and where we’re going. Whether…
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The Dr. Pat Show with Craig Richardson

Mind to Heart and a Family, Career, and Spiritual Path | The Dr. Pat Show | Dr. Pat Baccili & Craig Richardson. Richardson discusses his series, Mind to Heart, and…

My theory About the Evolution of Consciousness

Paper I submitted for my Atlantic University TP5100 Course – December 17, 2020 Throughout this course, and my entire Atlantic University career, I’ve studied a wide range of consciousness theories.…
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When the Center is Empty

Paper I submitted for my Atlantic University TP6140 Course – December 14 2020 In Duncan Campbell and Michael Meade’s interview, they discuss an Irish myth that claims that “when the…
Psychic Development Experiment

Key Points From the TP5100 Semester

Paper I submitted for my Atlantic University TP5100 Course – December 3, 2020 The following are concepts that resonated with me as we proceeded through the readings this semester. I…

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