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Mind to Heart


Episode 10 (May 14, 2021): A journey to death and back with my guest Susan Luck

Episode 9 (April 23, 2021): A journey to the paranormal with my guest Loyd Auerbach

Episode 8 (April 9, 2021): A Journey from the threshold of Hell and back with my guest Pastor Craig Brown

Episode 7 (March 26, 2021): A Journey from Palm Sunday to Easter with my guest Dr. Robert Moynihan

Episode 6 (March 18, 2021): A special edition of Mind-to-Heart filling in for Dr. Pat: A lenten marathon with my guest and 3-time cancer survivor Kristina Baum

Episode 5 (March 12, 2021): A Journey from an Education Professional to a Conscious Channeler and Energy Healer with my guest Jewels Maloney, Ed.D.

Episode 4 (Feb. 26, 2021): A Journey from 3D to 5D with my guest Kimberly Barrett, LCSW

Episode 3 (Feb. 12, 2021): A Journey from Science to Spirituality with my guest Robin Weeks, Ph.D.

Episode 2 (Jan. 22, 2021): The Journey of the Magi with my guest Dr. Sheda Vasseghi

Episode 1 (Jan. 8, 2021): The Hero’s Journey with my guest Raye Mathis

Episode 0 (Jan. 4, 2021): The Dr. Pat Show with Craig Richardson

Show Description

People are demanding more from life, and many of the old scripts they inherited are outdated and bring nothing but anxiety and stress. Does this sound familiar? Individuals and the world itself are experiencing a tremendous shift in energy and consciousness, and while unsettling at times, it can be the ride of a lifetime if navigated properly. That’s where this show, Mind to Heart, with me, Craig Richardson, carves a pathway from your mind to your heart to activate that innate compass to overcome whatever life sends your way.

During this show, you’ll learn to step into your more authentic self. You know, the one who is more powerful than you can imagine.  You will also meet many fellow pilgrims who have their own unique stories.  My path has led me from the Protestant and Catholic Churches, as well as studies in alchemy, mediumship, Eastern philosophy, and most recently, Edgar Cayce and transpersonal psychology. As an intuitive life coach, I am ready to guide you to an amazing life.  

The show will take a closer look at spiritual journeys in general, discuss common blockages, provide recommendations and strategies for overcoming them, and offer sound advice to help you along your path. Life has always been a journey, and in these times especially, everyone can use a helping hand.  So, won’t you join me for this powerful, inspirational, and fun experience? And, let the journey begin!

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