Narrowing Down the Research Topic

Discussion post I submitted for my Atlantic University TP5015 Course – November 7, 2019

The 5 topics I carried into this week’s research assignment were quantum physics, consciousness, spirit guides, and synchronicities as it relates to my spiritual journey.  Since I added the 4th topic as a result of last week’s assignment, I combined two previously separate topics, alternate realities & multiple universes, into one.  Certainly all ambitious subjects for any researcher!

From the previous research assignments, it was clear that quantum physics, alternate realities & multiple universes, and consciousness would not likely be the chosen topic and the various exercises for this week’s assignment confirmed it.  These three topics earned a total of 11 “Nos” and 1 “Maybe” out of a possible 12 results; 4 exercises that included Intention, Quietude, & Slowing, Direct KnowingEmpathic Identification, and Integration times 3 topics.   

Alternate realities & multiple universes was the only topic that received a maybe, although I did perceive it as too “sciency,” as I employed the Intention, Quietude, and Slowing methodology.  I’ve never even had a physics course and failed miserably at any science I’ve ever been forced to endure.  It was the creative aspects of alternate realities and multiple universes, however, that I found attractive as I worked through this exercise.  I felt it could work with my creative hobbies such as storytelling and videography.  In the end, however, this topic too was rejected.

Therefore, I was left with two: spirit guides and synchronicities as it relates to my spiritual journey.  These two battled it out across the four exercises and even went to overtime.  The contest was decided by our Mentor’s suggestion in the assignment description of choosing “one by tuning into your heart and asking to be given a clear YES or NO,”  and synchronicities finally emerged as the winner.

Highlights of my experiences using the four research exercises were numerous.  For example, when I employed the Intention, Quietude, and Slowing approach to the topic of spirit guides, I felt a warm and happy sensation and envisioned lively conversations with my guides as they helped me through the research project.  I also saw great potential in producing a short video to accompany the final research project.

In terms of the Direct Knowing exercise, I had an interesting (strange?) experience when I considered the possibility of my synchronicity topic.  As I went deeper into a trance, I suddenly found myself as a food vendor at a booth at a carnival.  Dressed in a white and red checkered apron with a white paper hat with a red rim, I was barking out, “Get your peanuts here, get your cotton candy, get your cold drinks!”  There was a festive mood in the air, and I realized I had what most kids…and adults wanted.  I understood that this topic was manageable (bite-size?!) and would be appreciated by the audience I was pondering.

I also received a clear answer from Direct Knowing when it came to my topic of consciousness. Almost immediately after bringing this topic to my mind, I heard a soft chant that grew louder and louder: “Vast, vast, vast!”  I then saw the endless darkness of the night sky with a few stars dotting the way and realized how insurmountable and far-reaching the topic of consciousness really is.  The dark sky then turned to light and I saw myself disintegrate into dust particulars and be swept up into the Universe.   I knew I was being shown the expansiveness of this particular topic, and I understood this Master’s will cover only a slice of what’s possible to research regarding consciousness.

Finally, with Empathic Identification, it was made clear to me that quantum physics wouldn’t be my topic in a rather humorous way.  As I contemplated the topic and followed the exercise, I found myself transported to a classroom at a university.  Albert Einstein and a couple of other scientists in lab coats were feverishly working on a formula across a blackboard with chalk and they looked up at me as I walked closer.  Einstein gave me a big smile, almost mischievously, and said, “thanks for the interest but we got this covered,” while the others snickered under their breath.  They turned back to their board and kept working away.  So I thought, “yah, not much need for me here.”

I’m looking forward to diving into the topic of synchronicities as it relates to my spiritual journey.  The exercises were very helpful, and in the end, I’m confident I’ve selected the right one.  It’s manageable, I’m confident I can bring a great deal of myself to the project – the importance of which is stressed by our Mentor – and it seems to be the topic where the potential to help others is greatest.


Anderson, R. & Braud, W. (2011), Transforming self and others through research: Transpersonal research methods and skills for the human sciences and humanities, University of New York Press: Albany, NY