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Key Points From the TP5100 Semester

Psychic Development Experience

Paper I submitted for my Atlantic University TP5100 Course – December 3, 2020

The following are concepts that resonated with me as we proceeded through the readings this semester. I felt a strong personal reaction, either positively or negatively, as they touched a nerve on an issue I am grappling with in my spiritual journey.

1) Evidence provided by The Yugas, Ancient Aliens, Edgar Cayce readings, and multiple other sources destroy the mainstream position on the timeline and specifics of human evolution.

“Mainstream science and academia” are locked in a storyline they cannot escape. They’ve built an entire narrative around Darwin’s model of evolution that posits humans were barely a step above animals as recently as 200,000 to 50,000 years ago, according to Ken Wilber’s Up from Eden (Wilber, p. 343). Wilber contends that modern man only discovered agriculture and formed in small communities 10,000 years ago (Wilber, pp. 377 & 405).

Yet, as John Van Auken notes, “[E]xplorers have found fossilized, manmade ‘marks’ that are completely outside of any rational timeline. A good example of this is a handprint in Glen Rose limestone, which is only found in the Middle Cretaceous period, 110 million years ago!… We have also found artifacts depicting humans interaction with dinosaurs” (Ancient Mysteries, 2005). The previous two weeks’ discussion posts have focused primarily on other overwhelming evidence that archeologists have discovered, like The Vedas, that blow away the linear evolutionary model. Van Auken succinctly describes modern science’s response when presented with proof of sophisticated humans existing tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years ago: “This is so impossible a dating that most scientists simply ignore it” (Ancient Mysteries, 2005).

What does all of this have to do with me? As I’ve noted before, I am a bit of a rebel. In my first past life regression, I was an archer in Robin Hood’s Band of Merrymen. My English ancestors came to America for religious freedoms in the 1600s, once again at odds with the Crown, and my Irish ancestors fled for economic liberties. As a Cold War baby, I am ardently anti-Communist and would fight to the death to defend the freedoms enshrined in the American Constitution. I’m also a bit of a “conspiracy theorist,” as noted in my previous class with you, and I find the “official narrative” regarding the evolution of human consciousness as false and corrosive as everything else we’ve been spoon-fed over the past seventy years or so.

Last spring, I took TP6005: Becoming a Teacher of Finding Your Mission in Life. We used Edgar Cayce’s approach for discovering our soul’s purpose before practicing the methods on three friends. Not surprisingly, my life’s mission was: To be a torchbearer of truth and liberty for all. Seeing a false narrative pushed by those in power gets my blood going, and now that I’ve left the political arena, I suppose I’m looking for another arena to do battle.

2) Why is the struggle so hard as we move from 3D to the elevated consciousness of 5D?!

Throughout this course of studies, including the two classes I’ve taken with you, concepts of the “Great Awakening” and our transformation from the materialistic 3D world to the higher consciousness of 5D were regularly discussed. Related to the first concept I raised, there’s quite a battle going on in the streets these days. The average person has had enough of the lies. And they are waking up to the truth as they evolve to 5D. Locking people down due to a virus with a 99.6% survivability rate is undoubtedly accelerating this awakening.

           While I see this friction as part of the process of evolution from one dimension to another, we saw a more traditional view in the Cayce assignments earlier this semester. One where humans feel more in step with God when doing His Will and more in conflict when pursuing a personal agenda. As Kevin Todeschi and Henry Reed notes, “Told from the perspective of specific individuals and their personal journeys through various lifetimes, these [Cayce] readings portray the fact that a soul ‘grows’ when it explores its own divine consciousness and its relationship with others whereas it ‘loses’ (opportunities and consciousness growth) whenever it focuses only on the physical world and its perception of self alone” (Todeschi & Reed, 2014).

I struggle with the notion that if we’re intended to be in communion with God, why isn’t it just so? Cayce and others teach that our soul reincarnates several times and that our time in the physical plane is considered the “Earth School.” I can understand the concept at an intellectual level but still wrestle with the equity of it all. And is it that simple that when we follow the Divine ways, we find ourselves in bliss, and when we don’t, our soul’s loses ground? What about those souls who are justifiably angry, like parents who lose children, people with cancer, and a whole host of other examples that exist in our 3D world?

The Airforce has a saying, “Fly into the wind,” which, from an aviation perspective, is the safest way to take off. The wind provides friction and allows the necessary lift. Its greater meaning is that you must face struggles head-on, like a jet taking off, if you want to grow in life. 

As the time I’ve left formal Christianity increases, and I’m exposed to other worldviews, I sense that the friction we feel isn’t necessarily because we’ve turned against God. It’s because we’re, in fact, doing His will. “No pain, no gain,” the saying goes in athletics when it comes to the necessity of working out. The same can be said about our spiritual growth, and when we’ve come through various trials, we are in a much better position to walk with the Divine.

3) “When the individual has attained complete human-divine unity, its cycle of reincarnations is finished, the soul is liberated, and the soul then merges with its spirit, and, therefore with God.”

(Edgar Cayce Foundation, 1971)

           A related point to the struggles as we move to 5D and beyond is the view that our souls have been doing this over many lifetimes. A cycle of reincarnations speaks more to linear evolution, since theoretically, souls are gaining in wisdom and consciousness as they return over time. The past life regressions I’ve done have gone as far back as approximately 1,000 B.C. As I moved forward in time, my experiences matched those of a more refined and sophisticated soul.  

Is reincarnation only limited to Dwapara and Kali Yugas? In the upper two yugas, Satya and Treta, we are supposedly in union with the Divine and everyone and everything else. Therefore, it seems that reincarnation in order to learn lessons that allow us to merge spirit with God’s seems unnecessary in these upper yugas.  

4) “We create what we see” (Todeschi & Reed, 2014).

           Throughout my studies at Atlantic University, I’ve learned that we can manifest what we desire. Dr. Joe Dispenza, someone we studied as part of TP5155: Creating a Meaningful Life, has an entire program and he lectures worldwide about teaching people how to use the “quantum field” to manifest their heart’s desire. Law of Attraction promises the same thing. And even Jesus teaches, “Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ it will happen” (Mt. 21:21).

           I have made several attempts to manifest the future I desire. I first dabbled in it when I was participating in an inner alchemy course a few years ago. I focused on manifesting a cabin in the mountains, which I carried into the work we did as part of TP5155. I purchased land this past July in Tennessee with a beautiful view of the Smokey Mountains, although I don’t have my cabin yet. I need to get over a few hurdles, like leaving the area I’ve been in for more than thirty years and starting a new profession.

           I typically give up on these exercises, however.  I get too impatient when I don’t see the quick payoff. Did I find the land in Tennessee because I did the original manifestation exercises? Who knows? I believe the concept intellectually and enjoy learning about the possibilities that quantum physics presents.  Yet wouldn’t we all be millionaires by now if it worked?

Maybe that’s my problem. I’m focusing on material manifestations. I could try to create everlasting peace and love with the Divine, but truthfully, I don’t even know what that even means, and it seems a bit dull, no offense to God. At this point, I’d prefer to get my 3,200 square foot log cabin built with killer views of both sides. Oh, and of course, it would need to be completely paid off, so I didn’t have to work two jobs to afford it. I want to change my situation, yet I don’t want to walk through the pain or wait.

5) All signs are pointing to the end of a male-dominated, hierarchical world of the past 3,000 years or so. We’re at the end of the Piscean Age and 3D, which is dominated by polarity and disharmony.

           As I’ve noted above under the second concept, we’re in the midst of a colossal battle with the “mainstream,” and, although it may not seem like it, the most powerful who have run this world for generations are going down. They might not realize it yet, but what’s spilling out all over alternative media and, on the streets, – whether it’s the protests in London over the restrictive COVID or widespread acknowledgment of a “Deep State” – this genie won’t go back into the bottle. It can’t.  None of their old tricks of fearmongering are working on conservatively 40% of the Western population.  

I’m not suggesting that it won’t be ugly for a while, and we may not see the transition out of 3D in our lifetime, but the institutions and structures are crumbling. When I look at what’s happening these days, I imagine what Rome Empire must have been like in its the final years. Strong and dominant on the outside, yet dead at its core. And nobody had a clue it would ultimately fall. How could it? The Roman Empire didn’t even have a rival Superpower like during the Cold War.  

While 3D is marked by rugged masculine hierarchical institutions, the hallmark of 5D will be balanced, horizontal structures, where the feminine energies of compassion, unity, and unconditional love will bring society into balance. Raine Eisler describes this as a “partnership society; a way of organizing human relations in which beginning with the most fundamental difference in our species the difference between female and male diversity is not equated with inferiority or superiority” (Eisler, p. 5). Not only will the genders be more balanced. Harkening back to a period more than 5,000 years ago where the Goddess of nature and spirituality were worshiped, “neither woman nor nature” will be “devalued and exploited” (Eisler, p. 7).

Men will need to adjust to this shift, in particularly, which has been underway for decades. According to the U.S. Department of Education, women now outnumber men approximately 56-44% in terms of undergraduate enrollment (Marcus, 20187). While there is still progress necessary in certain areas, the gender gap is quickly closing, and males could find themselves outside looking in unless they adjust to the times.

And it’s essential to look to a period when woman goddesses were worshiped for their balance and compassion as opposed to a monumental struggle between the sexes. The most significant changes will need to come from the individual men and women themselves. Each will need to learn to adjust as they take on more of the opposite energy in achieving this balance.

In the other course I’m taking, TP6140 Mythology & Symbolism: Pathway to Transformation, one of the primary assignments was to write a fairy tale about your life starting with a paradise and followed by a paradise lost. My story began with a neighbor, best friend, and love-interest, who broke my heart when she went onto an all-girls middle school. I worked through how paradise lost played out in my life and possible ways to integrate lessons learned from the experience.

Raye Mathis, the course mentor, is a student of Carl Jung, and she made a fascinating observation about my stories. She said that this exercise typically sees students come face-to-face with their “shadow side,” as Jung would put it. Using another Jungian concept, she noted that in my case, “your tale goes even deeper and you are meeting your anima – your feminine side. You have experienced the pain a man struggles with in grappling with this archetype” (Mathis, 2020).

So, it begins with you and me, Robin. The fastest way to achieving this more balanced and compassionate partnership society is to embrace our anima. Men of our time are certainly more open about expressing their feelings than their parent’s generation, and they more than their parent’s generation. The trick will be how to allow our feminine sides to shine without losing the positives of our masculinity.  It is a balance in the end.

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