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Mind to Heart: Episode 5: A Journey with Conscious Channeler & Energy Healer Jewels Maloney

As we move from 3D to 5D and enter more fully into the Age of Aquarius, many people experienced major changes and challenges in their lives. They can be seen as a microcosm of this dimensional shift as they shed their old skins and become new, transformed beings. A helpful metaphor is the path of a caterpillar, who, after a difficult and in some cases painful molting process, emerges as a beautiful butterfly with the capacity to fly. Our culture is going through this as we speak, and so has my guest, Jewels Maloney.

Jewels spent more than 20 years as an education professional on the East Coast. Yet, something was pulling her in another direction. And by the time her transformation was complete, she had moved to Sedona, Arizona, worked as an energy healer, and is now in “direct communion with the creative energy fields of the transpersonal levels of our being,” as she puts it. She’s an author, channeling both the Christ and Magdalene Consciousnesses, as well as a Mentor at Edgar Cayce’s Atlantic University. She will help us understand how this 3D to 5D shift occurred in her life, what it means to the culture in general, and what we can learn from her experiences.