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Mind To Heart: A Journey To The Paranormal With Loyd Auerbach

Spoon bending, remote viewing, talking with spirits, and ghosts, can these paranormal phenomena be proven “scientifically.” The short answer is yes, and the field of study is called Parapsychology. It follows rigorous scientific protocols, and it must since it’s not widely accepted by “mainstream” science, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

My guest is Loyd Auerbach, a leading expert on Ghosts and Psychic Experience. He has a Master’s in parapsychology, worked in the field for 40 years, written numerous books on the subject, appeared in documentaries and leading television shows, and teaches the topic at Atlantic University and the Rhine Institute. He will help us take the mystery out of the paranormal, and by doing so, allow us to journey deeper into this extraordinary part of our existence.