Mind to Heart: A journey to death & back with my guest Susan Luck – 5/14 @12p ET

A journey to death and back with my guest Susan Luck

When my guest Susan Luck was 25 she nearly died from anaphylaxis, which is a severe allergic reaction to venom, food, or medication. She experienced her consciousness leaving her body, as so many do when undergoing a near-death experience (NDE). Prior to this experience, she had certain psychic abilities, which she inherited primarily from her grandmother. After her NDE, her gifts exploded.

She’s has been very involved in the metaphysical community, teaching, learning, speaking, and doing readings. She teaches past-life regressions among other topics. Susan’s NDE, like so many who have gone to the other side and returned, has also enriched her spiritual life in ways that were unthinkable before she had the experience. Tune in and listen to what lessons Susan’s learned along the way and how her NDE has greatly enhanced her journey.

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